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About Us

Dreamland Publications is a publishing house for children's literature. All sorts of books catering for the needs and interests of children are published by us. The authors of these books are experienced teachers/educationists who have devoted and dedicated themselves to the service of children by producing the best literature for them. The books designed by the most renowned artists of India are printed on 4-colour printing machines which use state-of-the-art technology, and the paper used in these books comes from A1 paper mills.

Children, parents, teachers as well as principals like and love to read our books. Children, in particular, enjoy reading our books as they enjoy their toys. We cover a wide range of children's literature.

We would like to draw your kind attention to the best features of our books :-

1. Subject-matter : The scripts for our books are written according to the age-groups of children. The language used is grammatically correct and the sentences are very simple so that a child may not feel bored. He/She does not require tuitions and cheap guides. Practice exercises are well written so that a child may retain what he learns.

2. Illustrations : Illustrations play more than 50% role to understand the subject-matter. In our books, the illustrations clearly explain the text. These illustrations are made by renowned artists. Also, we use the most advanced graphic software on computers to make these illustrations.

3. Quality Paper : The best-quality paper matching that of foreign books is used by us so that children may enjoy reading our books without any strain.

4. Printing, Binding & Lamination : The printing, binding and lamination of our books are all superb and in line with international standards. We never publish black-and-white/poor-quality books for children. Most of our books are printed on 4-colour printing machines. As a result, the illustrations and other reading materials are clearer.

5. Complete Syllabus : We cover complete syllabus for each subject by giving full information and knowledge without bothering about the number of pages. The books are constantly updated so that they may not be out of tune or time.

6. Price : We give complete knowledge at reasonable prices and always go in for quality production. The prices of our books are quite economical keeping in view the well-designed books we produce.

Before you buy books for your children, you must compare all the features of our books, which we have explained above, with those of other publishers' books.