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The Human Body Flip Chart

The Human Body Flip Chart

ISBN: 9788184517194
Pages: 24
Size: 30 cm x 45 cm
Binding Style: Spiral Binding with Stand
Shipping Weight: 900gms
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An essential resource for teaching young students about the Human Body. Discover the wonders of the different parts of the Human Body with this beautifully designed flip chart.

The topics of the charts are as below:

1. The Skeletal system

2. The Mascular system

3. The Digestive System

4. The Respiratory System

5. The Urinary System

6. The Circulatory System

7. The Mouth, Tongue and Speech

8. The Eye and the Ear

9. The Nose, Throat and Neck

10. The Liver and Kidney

11. The Heart

12. The Chest and the Lungs

13. The Teeth

14. The Head

15. The Brain

16. The Shoulder, Arms and Hand

17. The Pains

18. The Lymphatic/ Immune System

19. The Hair and the Skin

20. The Hips, Legs and Feet

21. The Male Reproductive System

22. The Female Reproductive System

23. The Child Birth

24. The Blood Group, Cells, Pressure

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