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Know About Science: Inventions-1

Know About Science: Inventions-1

ISBN: 9781730118203
Pages: 64
Binding Style: Flexo Binding
Shipping Weight: 320gms
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Inventions- 1 seeks to provide readers with information on important inventions and   their   inventors.   It endeavours   to   provide   chronological   information   of landmark inventions.

The  book  is  designed  to  enhance  as  well  as  capture  the  inquisitiveness within the   minds   of  readers   and   also  motivate   them   to  explore   more   about   each invention.

Colourful images accompanying each invention will stimulate the interest of the readers.   It is   hoped   that   the   intended   purpose    of   this   book   meets   the requirement of the readers.


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