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Copy Colour Books: Transport

Copy Colour Books: Transport

ISBN: 9781730174926
Pages: 16
Size: 22cm x 28cm
Binding Style: Paperback
Shipping Weight: 80gms
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48 INR
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Engage your child in healthy colouring activity to simulate focus, learning and fun together with this colouring book. Designed for children in the age group 3 to 5 years, this book is filled with pictures of various modes of transport which the child needs to fill in with colours.

Colouring is an activity that is universally enjoyed by kids and this activity can be turned educational by providing the right motivation. While learning to colour develops important aspects of focus and also increases brain function, it can enhance a child’s group activity time that has him/her more involved with peer activities.

With 16 high quality pages covered with pictures of transport, some of which the child sees around him frequently and others that may be new to him, this book can engage a child’s attention for a long time.

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