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Rejuvenate Yourself- Floral Pattern

Rejuvenate Yourself- Floral Pattern

ISBN: 9789350899472
Pages: 64
Size: 22 cm x 28 cm
Binding Style: Paperback
Shipping Weight: 280gms
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160 INR
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Drawing and colouring is not just for children anymore. Even adults can re-live their childhood and forget all worries in life for a while, all thanks to the power of inspiring colours. The book provides a creative and colourful way for de-stressing. One just has to colour the pages and experience their childhood once again, leaving all personal and professional stress behind.

The book is full of floral patterns, which the users has to fill-in with desired colours. The flower designs are intricate and beautiful, reminding one of a natural green garden surrounded by lively flora.

Each page is unique with gorgeous flower patterns that need to be coloured for relieving stress. It is a fun activity book for grownups and can be used when they want to spend sometime alone with themselves.

Using bright and inspiring colouring technique, they can attain clarity as well as peace-of-mind. It is a simple joy that one can experience only while colouring their heart out. The book can also be a wonderful gift for anyone who is presently dealing with lot of stress in life.

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