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Rejuvenate Yourself- Nature

Rejuvenate Yourself- Nature

ISBN: 9789350899458
Pages: 64
Size: 22 cm x 28 cm
Binding Style: Paperback
Shipping Weight: 280gms
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160 INR
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Based on the concept of colour therapy, Rejuvenate Yourself - Nature: Volume 1 brings to you a fun and effective way to de-stress and relax. The book comes in form of 64 pages paperback, with beautiful and interesting designs in every page. In our fast-running daily lives, we have forgotten about happiness that could be achieved by doing little things. Drawing and colouring is not just a hobby, but a wonderful pastime activity. The book focuses on certain variants of colours that are known for stress-bursting traits. Colouring is a great hobby, but who knew it can be your weapon against stress.

Set free the artist and child inside you and watch the stress and anxiety fade away. These books are helping many people all over the world to cope with their stress issues and continue to do so with its many versions. Paper quality of the book is very good; it does not bleed and hence prevents colors from spoiling other pages. Want an amusing, effortless and reasonably price option to shed stress, give Rejuvenate Yourself - Nature: Volume 1 a try.

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