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Rejuvenate Yourself- Patterns

Rejuvenate Yourself- Patterns

ISBN: 9789350899465
Pages: 64
Size: 22 cm x 28 cm
Binding Style: Paperback
Shipping Weight: 280gms
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160 INR
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Coloring is a great hobby, a wonderful pastime and a stress-free activity which provides calmness and comfort that we often miss in our daily lives. "Rejuvenate yourself” encourages you to express yourself through colour and find your inner-peace and imagination. The basic idea behind this concept is to de-stress oneself through simply colouring the pages given in the book. Colouring, which is a great pastime or hobby for the kids, is being viewed as a stress buster for the adults today. Through “Rejuvenate Yourself”, a person can express his/her true self within the ambit of the world of colours. It’s a great way of achieving inner calm and serenity. Besides, one can explore his/her creative side as well.

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