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Super Colouring-Books: Part-1

Super Colouring-Books: Part-1

ISBN: 9781730175572
Pages: 16
Size: 22 cm x 28 cm
Binding Style: Paperback
Shipping Weight: 80gms
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‘Super Colouring Book- Part 1’ is for kids who are interested in colouring and drawing. This book is the first part of that series. This book is suitable for kids between the ages of three to 5 years. The language is English, but even those kids who are not familiar with English will find the book useful. The patterns and images printed are appropriate to be used by kids. The quality of paper and printing is durable, so you can let the little ones use wax or sketch pen, whatever they prefer. This book is a good way for kids to enter the world of colours and art. It also helps you to keep your kid occupied while you run your daily errands. It is a good source for providing education and entertainment to your kids at the same time. It is different than any other colouring book that your kid would have ever used with its illustrations and drawings used for teaching purpose.

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