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Learn Hindi हिंदी English इंग्लिश

Hindi is the language spoken by the largest number of people in India, therefore, creating a niche to be considered the national language of the country. The foreigners from various countries   visiting India as tourists, sportsmen, political delegates, artists, etc. happen to frequently interact more with Hindi speaking people than the people of any other languages spoken in India. And the reason behind this is that, while each of the other Indian languages is spoken in only one particular state, Hindi is spoken by the people of nine states of the country. Moreover, even in non-Hindi speaking states, people do not find it too difficult to be able to understand and express themselves in it. Consequently, the book "Learn Correct Hindi Through English" could see light of the day after painstaking and dedicated efforts and team work of the authors who have long been associated in the field of writing and editing both in Hindi and English.