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Fully Pictorial Thesaurus

Fully Pictorial Thesaurus

ISBN: 9788184515763
Pages: 460
Binding Style: Hardbound
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Dreamland's  Fully  Pictorial  Thesaurus  has been designed and compiled for children  above 10  years. It  is a  bit  like  a dictionary  only  it  doesn't  give you the meaning of a word. Instead it gives you alternate words to use.

Great   care  has  been  taken  to  synchronize   words  with   pictures.  These  pictures  play an important   role for  children  to  choose the  best words  for their  writing  and imagination  working.

This  will serve as an ideal reference book  for  all ages. It is almost  a must for every student  to  help them  learn and develop their  vocabulary.

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