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Know About Science: The Universe

Know About Science: The Universe

ISBN: 9781730117961
Pages: 64
Size: 22 cm x 28 cm
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Research work in science has shown that the Universe is edgeless, unending and as well as ever-expanding. It has millions of various star-systems, including our solar-system- The Milky Way. Our solar-system is only a very small part of our galaxy—the Milky Way—and our home-planet—Earth – in its turn is a very small part of the solar-system. Evidently, our earth, when compared to the Universe at large is just as pebble to a huge mountain. Therefore, this book aims to impart information on the Universe—its origin, shape, vastness, contents, behaviour etc.

All these facets of the Universe is dealt in this book adequate enough for children. Attractive illustrations have been incorporated to help grasping of the facets so that they may be easy to assimilate and comprehend.

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